“Wow, it was so elegant and well organized; a fabulous evening.”
Alaine Nolt, Serranos Coffee Co.

“It was a wonderful event, and everyone had such a great time. It was the best charity event that we’ve attended. We’re looking forward to hosting the neighborhood paella party. [Purchased at Live Auction] We’ll find a good time for everyone to attend.”
Leisle Chung — Guest

Awesome, I’m so glad it was such a success this year and a positive vindication for your efforts and courage to keep it going. I do think the food and drink offerings this year were standout excellent overall.

And thank you for your kind words — it really means a lot to me. I had no idea when we chatted that day at Red Energy that it would provide the impetus for you to run so far with the ball, so to speak. I’m really honored that I could somewhat unintentionally/accidentally light that fire simply by stating how I hoped Glass Slipper would stick around as a vital community event for a great cause.

Really, it feels great to know that I played a tiny tiny role. It’s awesome to think of all the lives that will be impacted from this fundraising.

Matthew Schniper — Indy

“We had a fantastic time, thanks for inviting me to carve the ice, I feel privileged to serve such a great event.”
Julian Drummond — Ice Sculptor

You guys did an awesome job in putting on this event! It went really, really well. You made it seem effortless, but I know of the work behind it. My family and I enjoyed the speed painter; there was so much to enjoy throughout the evening Thank you! for the additional touches to the Bucket of Cheer – it turned out to be something grand. You both rock!
Sonya — Zonta PPA President

“From my perspective (as a guest) that was the best GSB yet! The food was fantastic, the wine was varied and plentiful, the venue was lovely.”
Sharon Roggy

This was really quite special and I have to say thanks for putting on such a big event. The chefs and wine tasting was excellent and well organized, and have us looking at going to several of those restaurants.
The camaraderie and meeting people was fun. The decorations terrific, and now I wished we would have bid on that Africa trip. Well, next year.
Sandra Young, Denver Co


I feel privileged by the fact that I not only attended the first ever Glass Slipper Ball in Pittsburgh in 2004, but I was the co-chair for the first one in Bonita Springs in 2009.

It has been quite a journey! When I saw Debra Dion Krischke give the Three Rivers’ Club a breath of fundraising energy and power, it was only natural that I would present the concept to my new home club of Bonita. It took a year and a half of effort and hard work to bring our event to life.

The Zonta club of Bonita had a successful luncheon, but we realized that we needed an evening event to raise more money. Presenting this event was a major endeavor. Debra had prepared templates and systems for the club to follow that made it easier to get organized. She was there at every step of the way from securing the ballroom and the band, contacting some of the sponsors, working with the chefs, to finding our club a more affordable printer… She is the one who brought most of the florists on board when we were being rejected.

I had never chaired an event before, and Debra guided me through the whole process. She was always available and responded promptly to my numerous questions. She communicated with key committee members to ensure successful execution.

The evening was magical! The ballroom was beautifully decorated with floral centerpieces. The guests enjoyed the informal setting of going to different food stations and mingling with other guests at the same time. The Live Auction added great entertainment, followed by dancing to the tunes of one of the best band in the area.
The foyer was lined up with wonderful silent auction items, and the Glass Slipper Ice Sculpture became the background for souvenir photographs.

Everyone was impressed! In one evening, we managed to gain widespread name recognition, secure interest for future sponsorships, and raise our income potential.

Our committee did a phenomenal job along the way. No task was too large, and they showed incredible determination and commitment. I, personally, developed skills that I never thought would be mine. I learned to lead a team, negotiate, approach sponsors, speak in public…skills that are giving me new confidence in my personal and professional life. Planning the event helped several of the club committees work jointly on a similar cause. Most importantly, it is making our members proud of our Club.

Thank you Debra for giving us this incredible tool, and for your endless enthusiasm, energy and support!

Catherine Montague
Co-Chair Glass Slipper Ball 2009
Former President Elect
Former Financial Development Chair


We are very grateful for Team Effort Events and the Glass Slipper Ball. We
were a garage sale club and GSB has moved us up into a whole new realm for
our fund raising.

Kayleen Kill
Founding Chairperson – Houston
District 10 – Area 02 Director 2007

GLASS SLIPPER BALL – Zonta, Three Rivers North

It’s my honor to offer a testimony letter on behalf of Team Effort Events! For the past four years our club has had the benefit of not only using this production company but having Debra Dion Krischke as the chairperson of our event. The many hours that she and the team put into the GSB over the years has helped our club lead the way for other Zonta clubs to follow.

As we move into our fifth year and address the sustain ability of the event, our club recognized that only through the combined efforts of professionals and volunteers, can this event continue to grow and prosper. Debra’s commitment to our ongoing success along with her talent for special event production has been a gift that will continue to help our club succeed for many years to come.

I would be happy to speak with any club considering The Glass Slipper Ball as a fundraiser. It has not only put our club on the local social calendar, it¹s attracted new members, and also allowed us to support more deserving women (locally and globally) than we could ever have imagined. As a club we are looking forward to the future of this event and truly feel we have only just begun to scratch the service of what is possible.

Valerie Benjamin
President 2007-2009
Zonta – Three Rivers Pittsburgh North

ZONTA CLUB of Pikes Peak, CO

At first, it might seem ironic that I should be the one to write a testimonial for Debra. When she came to Colorado Springs to present her ideas to our Zonta club, I wrote a letter to our membership explaining, quite emphatically, why we should NOT do a Glass Slipper Ball. This community is saturated with events of this nature. Our club is very small with only about 20 active members. The largest fundraiser this group has ever done is selling nuts! But Debra gave it the good sell and the members voted to take it on. It is also ironic that through an unforeseen turn of events, I became the chair person of this self-same event! If the majority wanted to make this happen, then I was willing to support it too. Never say “Never!”

When I take on a project, I take it very seriously. I give it 110% and I don’t quit until the outcome is beyond everyone’s expectation. Not only was I going to support the club’s decision, I was determined to see our club have success with this event. It wasn’t long before I realized that Debra felt exactly the same way. She gave us the tools to put together an amazing fund raiser that went beyond the wildest dreams of any Zonta member. She was in constant communication and she listened. She explained every detail, sometimes in 32 different ways, until we got it. She was our number one cheerleader and, at times, did some major hand-holding and spoon-feeding. When we made a miss-step, she was there to pick us up and set us on our way again. When something exciting happened, she was there with a high-five…always, always positive.

And what an event the Glass Slipper Ball was! Those lucky enough to attend were dazzled! The setting was elegant, the flowers were drop-dead gorgeous, the food was beyond delicious and the music was unforgettable. With the attendance and the silent auction and mystery gifts, our little club raised more money than they ever thought possible! Two months later, when we handed our community partner and main charity recipient a check for $7,500.00, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

The benefits of the Glass Slipper Ball go far beyond the dollars though. I saw a group of like-minded women come together in the spirit of team work and with an unassuming graciousness that is difficult to describe. These ladies encouraged a community slathered with invitations for hand-outs, to become business partners with a common goal. These businesses jumped in with both feet and gave and gave and gave! As a club, we learned more about each other (all of our amazing hidden talents!) than we ever did in years of club meetings. An intangible closeness and a new respect were found by all.

The members of this Zonta club put a trust in me that was humbling. They worked hard and were willing to follow my lead and vision to create something we had never seen before. That vision and that leadership were designed by Debra. She created a concept, worked very hard to make it happen and then set me up to take the credit. Sure, I lost sleep. I stressed it here and there. I faltered and swayed. But I always knew that Debra had my back.

As an added bonus, I gained new friends. Debra and her husband showed me what a successful marriage and business partnership looks like. Debra has all the skills and experience of a tough, no-nonsense business woman, but her motivation, clearly, comes from her heart

Would our club do the Glass Slipper Ball again? You bet! (It’s scheduled for March 1, 2008.) Would I work with Debra again? In a heart beat!

Laura Stamp
Vice-president of the Zonta Club of the Pikes Peak Area


I do not think that the Zonta Club of the Pikes Peak Area would have dared to dream of something so big as The Glass Slipper Ball without the support and enthusiasm of Debra Dion-KrischkeI But having dared, we found that Debra would not allow us to fail! She held our hands, offered words of encouragement, gently pushed when we needed it, propped us up when we looked like falling, cheered us on, and watched our backs – all the time with a smile on her face! What an amazing lady!

Helen Smithwick
Treasurer – Pikes Peak Zonta Club


DEBRA DION KRISCHKE–What a dynamo! Debra’s visit to Colorado Springs was occasioned by our desire as a Zonta Club to explore growth–in membership, in fundraising, in benefits to women who need our help. She brought us so much more. She opened our eyes to new ways of looking at what we do, and unleashed new energy and enthusiasm for what we could accomplish.

There is definitely a parallel here to what our international micro-credit projects accomplish. We send in expertise, a little seed money and empower women to use their talents and energies to invest in themselves and their businesses on behalf of their families and communities. Debra brings in the expertise and the seed money to our Zonta club, teaches, coaches and encourages us to take pride in who we are as Zontians and what we can accomplish in the world, and offers to lead us through a process that will generate money and members on a scale we’ve never even dreamed of.

With her help I have every confidence that we can bring our club to a new level in our community. The Glass Slipper Ball may truly be the Cinderella event for our club. It promises to be fun, lucrative and noteworthy–those are the elements that will stimulate membership, and most importantly allow us to raise our level of funding for the serious women’s issues that we wish to support.

As an 85-year old organization, Zonta’s mission is as important today as it was at our founding, yet our clubs are at a dangerous juncture. Our world has changed dramatically and our organization has not. Debra has an idea that may singlehandedly save Zonta from extinction. Ideas are great, but Debra also has the talent, energy and expertise to actually pull it off! I applaud the dedication and passion she brings to this endeavor and hope that my club is going to be the next in the series of “success stories” she’ll have to tell.

Sharon Roggy
District 12 – Area 4 Director
Colorado Springs, Colorado

I have been very impressed with Debra and the idea of this event is very exciting. The presentation I thought was good and the promise of hand holding by the person who knows how to do the job is appreciated. Without Debra’s guidance I would walk away from this project, but with it I am enthusiastically in favor of putting it on.

Pat Sufak
Former President
Colorado Springs


Stacy de las Alas – Development Specialist

For the past 30 years in which the Crisis Center North (CCN) has been in existence, fundraising efforts have been an internal process. Various types of “signature events” have been attempted ranging from golf outings to jazz event, all coming up short of our goal. This year, with our 30th anniversary and a budget in which fundraising was crucial component, the organization decided to seek outside assistance with event planning.

Debra Dion Krischke has been a long time friend of CCN. Thru Debra’s own fundraising efforts, as well as her work with Zonta – Three River’s Pittsburgh and their annual Glass Slipper Ball, CCN was able to create an annual scholarship fund that assists women in furthering their education by covering tuition and associated costs. Given Debra’s history with CCN, her reputation as a professional fundraiser, and her commitment to the cause of domestic violence, she was the first, and most logical pick to assist our agency with an event.

Debra designed a signature event for CCN called Cocktails and Cuisine for Women in Crisis. The event highlighted local restaurants, wine and beer purveyors, and an unbeatable silent auction in a beautiful outdoor venue. It was, as a few of our guests described, “a happy hour on steroids.” With an estimated 300 in attendance, there was a buzz and energy that could not be described.

Being at the agency for nearly eight years, I have seen nothing that has compared to the outpouring of support that we saw that night for CCN. I felt like CCN finally had its day in the sun. People were there to share in the good food and libations, but also learned of the amazing work that our organization accomplishes within the community for domestic violence victims.

Debra took CCN to the next level in fundraising and made the process seamless. Even through the frequent “first time” nerves of our committee, she kept asking for our trust – and in the end, her choices were the correct ones. We needed to graciously hand over the rights to the “I told you so’s!”

CCN thanks Debra and Team Effort Events for their professionalism, commitment, foresight, and willingness to go above and beyond. We cannot thank you enough and look forward to another successful year.


Past Recipients

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